Asian/Asian American Studies Minor

For information, contact the program advisor in the Department of Global and Intercultural Studies, 120 MacMillan Hall, 513-529-5333.

The Asian/Asian American Studies (AAA) minor provides a critical understanding of political-economic relations, historical and socio-cultural formations, ethno-linguistic and religious practices, and literary and artistic representations regarding Asia and communities of Asian descent in the U.S. and in the diasporas. By deploying a transnational and transcultural approach the AAA minor moves beyond the object-oriented area studies model and the nationalistic identity politics paradigm. With a focus on issues of sameness and difference and by paying particular attention to different forms of discursive expression and political transformation its innovative course of study brings together the study of Asia and Asian America through a critical and comparative lens.

Program Requirements

(18 Semester Hours)

Introductory Course
AAA 201Introduction to Asian/ Asian American Studies3
Core Courses6
Select two of the following:
Global Religions of India
Asia and Globalization
Psychology Across Cultures
Writing with Purpose: Interdisciplinary Inquiry and Communication
Asian American Literature
Global Childhood Education: Diversity, Education & Society
Race, Cultural Diversity, and Equity in Education
Japanese Tales of the Supernatural in English Translation
Related Courses9
Select three of the following:
Transnational Youth Cultures
Cultural Politics of Gender and Sexuality in Asian/America
Asian/Asian American Studies
Ethnic American Literatures
Geography of East Asia
Geography of the Silk Road (The Heart of Asia)
China along the Silk Road before 1600
Feminism and the Diaspora: U.S. Women of Color
Courses that are not cross-listed with AAA, but are special topic or honor courses that focus on Asian/Asian American issues, may be approved by the director to count in the minor.
Total Credit Hours18