Environmental Earth Science- Bachelor of Arts

For information, contact the Department of Geology & Environmental Earth Science, 118 Shideler Hall, 513-529-3216.

The Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Earth Science is designed for those students who are interested in Earth systems and processes, but who are also interested in applying their geoscience pursuits to environmental issues, problems and solutions. This major reflects the fact that most of our faculty are involved in environmental research and study.

Program Requirements

(48 semester hours minimum)

Core requirements
Select one of the following:3
The Dynamic Earth
Environmental Geology
Geology of U.S. National Parks
Select the following:
GLG 115LUnderstanding the Earth1
Select one of the following:3
Human Dimensions of Natural Resource Conservation
Introduction to Environment and Sustainability
Principles of Environmental Science
Select all of the following:
GLG 301Sedimentology and Stratigraphy4
GLG 354Geomorphology4
GLG 408Introduction to Hydrogeology4
Select one of the following:3-4
Water and Society
Introduction to Hydrogeology
Field experience
Minimum of 3 semester hours of a field based course. May be fulfilled by credit workshops. Potential course must be approved by GLG CDA.3
Select at least 19 semester hours 119
Survival on an Evolving Planet
Water and Society
Ice Age Earth
Introduction to Hydrogeology
Forensic Isotope Geochemistry
Watershed Management
Hydrogeological Modeling: Groundwater Flow and Contaminant Transport and Fate
Soils and Paleosols
Geographic Information Systems
Advanced Geographic Information Systems
Techniques and Applications of Remote Sensing
Isotopes in Environmental Processes
Environmental Law
Related Hours (minimum of 12 hours required)
Select one of the following:3-6
College Chemistry
and College Chemistry Laboratory
College Chemistry
and College Chemistry Laboratory
Chemistry of Earth Systems
Select one of the following:3-5
Calculus I
Calculus II
Applied Statistics
Select one of the following:3-5
Physics for the Life Sciences with Laboratory I
General Physics with Laboratory I
Geohazards and the Solid Earth
Select one of the following:3-4
Biological Concepts: Ecology, Evolution, Genetics, and Diversity
Environmental Biology
Plants, Humanity, and Environment
Ecology of North America
Plant Biology
Fundamentals of Ecology
Total Credit Hours56-65

Students seeking the Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Earth Science meet the College of Arts and Science writing in the major requirement by completing a course from each of the three tiers indicated: Tier 1 (GLG 204 or GLG 211) followed by Tier 2 (GLG 301 or GLG 357  followed by Tier 3 (GLG 402) or (GLG 408) or (GLG 417) or (GLG 427) or(GLG 497).