Gerontology- Bachelor of Arts

Students with a bachelor’s degree in gerontology from Miami University apply interdisciplinary knowledge about aging and the life course in a variety of settings and across cultures. Seeking to improve the lives of aging and older people, their families, and communities, Miami’s gerontology program graduates are skilled in effective teamwork, communication, and creative problem-solving. They possess core skills in research, breadth of knowledge about the individual and societal issues of aging, and cumulative supervised experiences working in organizations that address the challenges and opportunities of aging. 

Program Requirements

(33-34 semester hours)

Multidisciplinary Core21
Big Ideas in Aging
Pre-Internship in Gerontology
Social Forces and Aging
Issues & Controversies in Aging
Social Policy and Programs in Gerontology
Research Methods
Students select one of the following track areas:12-13
Applied Research Track
Select all:
Applied Research in Gerontology
Research on Inequality in Aging & Health
Gerontology Research Capstone Internship
Aspiring Health Professions
Select both of the following:
Aging & Health
Research on Inequality in Aging & Health
Select one:
Gerontology Practice Capstone Internship
Gerontology Research Capstone Internship
Policies and Programs
Select all of the following:
Policies & Programs in an Aging Society
Aging & Health
Gerontology Practice Capstone Internship
Total Credit Hours33-34

Note: Gerontology majors are required to take at least one 400 level gerontology course in addition to GTY 440R OR GTY 440P

Students seeking the Bachelor of Arts in Gerontology meet the College of Arts and Science writing in the major requirement by completing GTY 318 and the GTY Capstone (GTY 440R OR GTY 440P).