Plant Sciences Minor

For information, contact the Department of Biology, 212 Pearson Hall, 513-529-3100.

Plants are essential to life on this planet, yet they are often overlooked as mere scenery. This minor will address this "plant blindness" by introducing students to the unique biology, diversity and uses of plants.  A minimum 2.00 GPA is required for the minor; courses for the minor may not be taken credit/no-credit. At least 10 hours must be from advanced (200+ level) courses. 

This minor is open to Biology majors (AB or BS), but only 10 credit hours may count in both the minor and the major. This minor is not open to Botany majors, nor can students earn both this minor and the minor in Horticulture. 

Program Requirements

(18 semester hours)

Select at least one of these: 3-8
Biological Concepts: Ecology, Evolution, Genetics, and Diversity
Biological Concepts: Structure, Function, Cellular, and Molecular Biology
Plants, Humanity, and Environment
Field Botany
Ecology of North America
Medicinal and Therapeutic Plants
Plant Biology
Select at least 10 hours from the following, to total at least 18 hours:10-15
Evolution of Plant Biodiversity: Genes to Biosphere
Plant Propagation
Botanical Principles in Landscape Gardening
Viticulture and Enology
Plant Taxonomy
Basic Horticulture
Plant and Fungal Diversity
Plant Ecology
Plant Anatomy
Plant Development
Environmental Plant Physiology
Plant-related workshops (e.g. BIO299 Flora of the Bahamas) may count toward the minor by petitioning the Biology Department CDA.
Total Credit Hours18