Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies Minor

For information, contact the Department of German, Russian, Asian, Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures, 172 Irvin Hall, 513-529-2526.

This interdisciplinary minor allows students to study the history politics, and culture of Russia, East Europe, and Eurasia, broadly defined as the territory of the former Soviet republics and their sphere of influence, from medieval times to today. Drawing from a range of disciplines and approaches, students have the opportunity to explore issues of political, social, and regional identity and cultural diversity, as well as official and popular culture.

Proficiency in RUS 102 or above is required. Students are encouraged to attend the Miami summer Russian language workshop in Novgorod, Russia; the Miami summer Havighurst cultural workshop in varying locations in Russia, Eastern Europe, and Eurasia; or an approved academic study program in Central Asia, the Caucasus, or East Europe. Students may not sign up for both the Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies minor and the Russian minor.

Program Requirements

(18 semester hours)

Core requirement
RUS 102Beginner's Course4
CLS/HST/POL/REL/RUS 254Introduction to Russian and Eurasian Studies3
Select one of the following:3
Eurasian Nomads and History
History of the Russian Empire
The Soviet Union and Beyond
Russia's War and Peace
Topics in Russian History
Select one of the following:3
Politics of Central Asia
Communism and Soviet Politics, 1917-1991
Post-Soviet Russian Politics
Politics of Eastern Europe
Russia and the Republics in International Relations
Issues in Post-Soviet Euraisa
Select one of the following:3
Russia and Eurasia: Anthropological Perspectives
Havighurst Colloquium
Havighurst Colloquium
Religions of Russia and Eurasia
Eastern Christianity
Select two courses from the following or from those listed above:6
Russian Reception of Classical Culture
Imagining Russia
Russian Folklore
Intermediate Russian
Intermediate Russian
Topics in Russian Literature in English Translation
Russian Literature in English Translation From Pushkin to Dostoevsky
Russian Literature in English Translation: From Tolstoy to Nabokov
Russian Literature in English Translation: From Pasternak to the Present
Advanced Russian
Advanced Russian
Reading in Russian
Advanced Conversation, Composition and Reading
Soviet & Post-Soviet Russian Cinema
Cultures and Identities of Eastern Europe: An Introduction through Literature and Film
Total Credit Hours22