Art and Architecture History - Bachelor of Arts in Art and Architecture History

This major focuses on the different roles that art, architecture, and visual culture have played in human development. Emphasis is placed on how art reflects not only its specific history, but the aesthetic, social, philosophical, and religious values of the culture that produced it.

Students develop research and writing skills to better understand and critically evaluate the manifestations of the visual arts throughout the world. Additionally, they gain experience through internships and international study opportunities. The program prepares students for careers in communications and publishing, at museums, galleries, and historical societies, as well as in corporations, education, and all areas of the visual arts, including arts administration.

Art and architecture history is an interdisciplinary major that includes the departments of Art, Architecture + Interior Design, and Classics and the Miami University Art Museum. For more information, contact the Department of Art, 124 Art Building, 513-529-2900, or the Department of Architecture + Interior Design,101 Alumni Hall, 513-529-7210.

Program Requirements

(48 hours, plus two years foreign language)

Students should take courses in both architecture and art history

Level One: Introductory Courses
Select three hours of the following:3
Global Design
Arts of Africa, Oceania and Native America
History of Architecture I 1
History of Architecture II 1
Select six hours of the following:6
History of Western Art: Prehistoric-Gothic
History of Western Art: Renaissance - Modern
Sophomore Seminar:3
Writing and the Visual Arts
Level Two: Themed Courses
Thematic, cross-cultural, and cross-disciplinary approaches to the history of art and architecture. Courses at this level include a writing component.
Select six hours of the following:6
History of Architecture I 1
History of Architecture II 1
Introduction to the Art of the Black Diaspora
Modern America
History of Asian Art, China, Korea, and Japan
The History of Photography
Introduction to Egyptian Art and Archaeology
Discoveries of Archaeology
Classical Mythology and the Arts
Level Three: Area Courses
Courses designed to explore issues of style and how it changes according to function, context, and chronology. Courses at this level have an integrated lecture component that will include student research and writing significantly beyond what is expected in Level Two courses.
Select at least one course from each of the Level Three Area Courses (below). 215
Level Four: Seminar
Faculty-mentored seminars in which students are responsible for extensive research on a specified aspect of the course which they will present to the instructor and their classmates. Topics vary.
ARC 405/ARC 505Seminars3
or ART 480 Seminar in Art History
Foreign Language Requirement
At least two years foreign language (completion of 202 or equivalent). Students planning to pursue graduate studies in art and architecture history should discuss additional language study with an advisor.
Studio Requirement
Select six hours of studio courses.6
Any studio course will apply. Suggested courses are:
Beginning Design Studio
and Beginning Design Studio
Design and Composition
Observational Drawing
Field Study
ART 391Field Study in Art and Architecture History3
Advanced Research Methods 3
ART 498History and Methods in Art and Architectural History3
Total Credit Hours48

ARC 221, ARC 222 count for either Level One or Level Two, but not both.


 A single course may not fill requirements in more than one area.


 Required during the fall semester of the senior year.


All courses for the major must be taken for a grade, not credit/no credit.

Students must also complete all Global Miami Plan requirements.

Level Three: Area Courses

Art of Asia, Africa, or the Americas

ART 309The Arts of African Peoples3
ART 311Chinese Painting History3
ART 326Modern & Contemporary East Asian Art3
ART 335Arts of West Africa3

European Art

ARC 405GGothic Architecture3
ART 314The Renaissance in Italy3
ART 315High Renaissance and Mannerism3
ART 316Baroque Art in Europe3
ART 317The Arts of Colonial Latin America3
ART 386Art of the Weimar Republic3
ART 486/ART 586Art of the Late 19th Century3
ART 487/ART 587Art of the Early 20th Century3
ART 488/ART 588Art in the Age of Revolution: 1789-18483

Pre-Modern Art (of any geographic area or areas)

ARC 405GGothic Architecture3
ART 311Chinese Painting History3
ART 314The Renaissance in Italy3
ART 315High Renaissance and Mannerism3
ART 316Baroque Art in Europe3
ART 317The Arts of Colonial Latin America3
ART 381Greek and Roman Architecture3
ART 382Greek and Roman Sculpture3
ART 383Greek and Roman Painting3
ART 384Greek and Roman Decorative Arts3
ART 488/ART 588Art in the Age of Revolution: 1789-18483

Modern/Postmodern Art

ARC 321History of Interiors3
ARC 422/522History of Urbanization3
ARC 426/526Architecture and Society3
ARC 427/527The American City Since 19403
ARC 451/551Contemporary Architectural Theory and Practice3
ARC 452/552Recent Architecture Theory3
ART 326Modern & Contemporary East Asian Art3
ART 386Art of the Weimar Republic3
ART 406/ART 506Art Since 19803
ART 455/455A History of Design3
ART 486/586Art of the Late 19th Century3
ART 487/587Art of the Early 20th Century3
ART 489/589Postwar to Postmodern, 1945-19803

Departmental Honors

To graduate with departmental honors in art and architecture history, students must maintain a 3.50 GPA in the major and complete an honors thesis. Thesis proposals are submitted during the junior year. Successful applicants earn six upper division hours1 for research and writing (ARC 477C), after which the thesis is submitted for approval to the Departmental Honors Committee.


These credit hours are in addition to the upper-division credits required for the major.