Graphic Design- Bachelor of Fine Arts

This program includes studio requirements plus art and design history requirements in the first and second years, including courses specific to graphic design. Upper-class majors focus on graphic design course work. Students must choose a Design Focus Track of 12 hours in one of the following areas: art and architecture history, business, communication, cultural studies, environmental design, interactive design, perception and cognition, studio art, technical communication, or self-designed. Majors must also take three additional hours in the history of art with a non-western focus and complete at least one summer internship.

Portfolio Review

In addition to the entrance portfolio review required by the Department of Art, students desiring to pursue the graphic design major must undergo an additional portfolio review. It occurs in the spring semester of the first year before registration for the fall semester. This portfolio and interview process determines advancement into the degree program in the second year. A limited number of students are admitted each year. The portfolio review conducted by the graphic design program counts as the transfer art department review (see Department of Art: Transfer Admission Requirements). Transfer students not admitted to graphic design may be accepted as art majors in the B.F.A. Studio Art Program as a result of this review.

Transfer Admission

Students who wish to transfer from another institution and enter this program must satisfy admission requirements of the graphic design program in addition to those of the art department and university.

For information, contact the advisor in the Department of Art, 124 Art Building, 513-529-2900.

Program Requirements

(86-87 semester hours minimum)

Plan of Study Grid
First YearCredit Hour
ART 102 Color Theory and Practice 1.5
ART 103 Creative Practices in New Technology 1.5
ART 104 Problem Solving 1.5
ART 105 Technical Drawing 1.5
ART 111 Design and Composition 1 3
ART 121 Observational Drawing 1 3
ART 151 What is Graphic Design? 1 1
ART 187 History of Western Art: Prehistoric-Gothic 3
ART 188 History of Western Art: Renaissance - Modern 3
ART 281 Contemporary Art Forum 1
 Credit Hours20
Second Year
Select the following:  
ART 221 Drawing III 3
ART 251 Typography 3
ART 252 Image 3
ART 254 Fundamentals of Interaction Design 3
ART 256 Design, Perception & Audience (recommended, but not required) 3
ART 455/ART 555 Design History and Cultural Contexts 3
Select one of the following: 3
Drawing IV  
Painting I  
Printmaking I  
Introduction to Digital Imaging  
Ceramics I  
Jewelry Design and Metals I  
Sculpture I  
Thematic Studio  
 Credit Hours21
Third Year
ART 351 Design Systems 3
ART 352 Identity Systems 3
ART 353 The Business of Design 3
ART 354 3-Dimensional Design 6
ART 355 Applied Interaction Design 3
Summer Internship 2 2-3
Design Focus Track, electives 6
 Credit Hours26-27
Fourth Year
ART 451 The Professional Portfolio 3
ART 452 Senior Degree Project 3 3
ART 453 Highwire Brand Studio 3 4
IMS 418/IMS 518 Social Media Marketing and Online Community Management 3
IMS 440/IMS 540 Interactive Media Studies Practicum (recommended, but not required) 4
Non-western art history course 3
Design Focus Track, electives 6
 Credit Hours26
 Total Credit Hours93-94

 Course must be completed or in progress for student to be eligible to participate in graphic design portfolio review in the spring semester.


 One required, two recommended.



 Students must also complete all Global Miami Plan requirements.