Graphic Design Minor

The minor in graphic design produces students with basic skills in typography, image creation/manipulation, layout within print and interactive environments, visual presentation, prototyping, and general branding skills. The prospective audience for this degree is an individual who seeks a basic understanding of design principles and communication skills that complement the student's major degree.

For information, contact the advisor in the Department of Art, 124 Art Building, 513-529-2900.

Program Requirements

(21-22 credit hours)

Prerequisite for admission to the minor
ART/IMS 259Art and Digital Tools I3
Core courses
ART 343The Art of Visual Presentation3
ART 344Personal Branding3
ART 345Graphic Design Prototyping3
Select nine to ten hours of the following: 19-10
Innovation, Creativity and Design Thinking
Design, Perception & Audience
The Business of Design
Highwire Brand Studio
Design History and Cultural Contexts (application for admission)
Interactive Media Studies Practicum (application for admission)
Total Credit Hours21-22

None of these courses have prerequisites, but some require permission of instructor/application.