Jewelry Design and Metals Minor

The Jewelry Design and Metals minor explores and develops concepts, techniques, materials, methods, and critical aesthetic thinking as applied to the process of making three-dimensional objects and adornment in metal and alternative materials. Three-dimensional art as a non-verbal language is taught through research, production, viewing, interaction, and verbal critique with a focus on further development toward a significant personal expression through a 400-level studio disciplinary sequence.

A minimum 2.50 GPA is required for admission to the minor and is required for all courses in the minor. Courses must be taken for a grade (not credit/no-credit). Students planning to take this minor must consult with the minor advisor.

For information, contact the Department of Art, 124 Art Building, 513-529-2900.

Program requirements

(18 semester hours)

Select one of the following:3
Design and Composition
Beginning Design Studio
Introduction to Architecture
Problem Solving and Design
Jewelry Design and Metals courses:
ART 264Jewelry Design and Metals I3
ART 364Jewelry Design and Metals II3
ART 365Jewelry Design and Metals III3
ART 464Jewelry Design and Metals IV (take twice)3,3
Total Credit Hours18