Theatre Arts Minor

For information, contact the Department of Theatre, 119 Center for Performing Arts, 513-529-3053.

This minor offers students an opportunity to explore theatrical practice within a liberal arts tradition by providing study of performance and production in acting, directing, theatre technology, design arts, and theatre history and analysis. Register your intent to pursue the minor with the chief departmental advisor. A minimum GPA of 2.00 is required for all courses in a minor. All courses must be taken for a letter grade.

Program Requirements

(25 semester hours)

THE 101Introduction to Theatre: Drama and Analysis3
THE 200Production and Performance Practicum (three required)1,1,1
THE 251Visual Communication for the Theatre3
THE 123Acting for the Non-Major: Text and Performance3
or THE 131 Principles of Acting
Select four semester hours of the following:4
Fundamentals of Scenery Construction and Props
and Scenery and Props Lab
Costume Fundamentals
and Costume Construction Laboratory
Fundamentals of Lighting and Sound
and Theatre Lighting Laboratory
Scene Painting Fundamentals
and Scene Painting Laboratory
Select three semester hours of the following:3
Stage Makeup
Costume Construction Laboratory
Theatre Lighting Laboratory
Scenery and Props Lab
Scene Painting Laboratory
The Theatrical Toolbox (maximum 3)
Acting Studio:Foundations
Acting Studio: Integrating Text
Playwriting Through Improvisation (maximum 4)
Costume Fundamentals
Fundamentals of Lighting and Sound
Fundamentals of Scenery Construction and Props
Scene Painting Fundamentals
Stage Management
Fundamentals of Directing
Special Techniques for the Actor (maximum 6)
Methods and Styles of Play Directing
Special Topics in Theatre Design and Technology
Scenic Design
Costume Design
Tutorial in Advanced Problems
Select six semester hours of the following:6
Topics in Intercultural Perspectives and Global Theatre and Performance
Topics in Dramatic Literature and Cultural Performance
The Musical in American Culture
Politics and Ethics of Theatre and Performance: Representation, Race, Gender, Class and Sexuality
Topics in Theatre and Performance Studies
Topics in Applied Theatre, Practice, and Pedagogy
London Theatre
Total Credit Hours25