Public Health- Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and Health

The Public Health major leads to a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and Health. The Public Health program focuses on the science and practice of disease prevention, health promotion, and public health policymaking. Public Health focuses on health, not disease. Public Health encourages individuals and groups of people to improve and/or maintain their health status. The mission of the Public Health program is to inspire future health professionals to serve the whole person and the whole of society by educating them about the socio-cultural, behavioral, psychological and biological factors that contribute to wellness and disease.

Program Requirements

Required for all majors
KNH 205Understanding Drugs for the Health Promotion Professional3
KNH 242Personal Health3
KNH/FSW 295Research and Evaluation Methods4
KNH 362Public Health Communication3
KNH 462/KNH 562Public Health Planning and Evaluation3
MBI 131Community Health Perspectives3
STA 261Statistics4
Select six of the following:16-25
Introduction to Medical Anthropology
Ecological Anthropology
Principles of Human Physiology
Human Anatomy and Physiology
Diverse Family Systems Across the Life Cycle
Fundamentals of Nutrition
Physical Activity and Health
Medical Terminology for Health Professionals
Global and Community Nutrition
Women's Health Care: Problems and Practices
Psychological Perspectives on Health
Contemporary Issues in Men's Health
Health Education for Children and Youth
Field Experience
Nutrition Across the Life Span
Seminar in Kinesiology and Health
Children and Youth in Sport
Elementary Medical Microbiology
Health and Aging: Current Perspectives and Issues
Developmental Psychology
Child Development
Children and Families: Ages Conception - 12
Adolescent Development
Adolescent Development in Diverse Families: Ages 13-25
Adulthood and Aging
Exploring KNH Matrix
Select at least nine KNH hours outside of major/concentration but inside of KNH. The KNH courses must be at more than one course level. 19
Total Credit Hours48-57

Not all KNH courses qualify for the KNH Matrix. See a KNH advisor for details.