Early Childhood Education- Bachelor of Science in Education

Program Requirements

Required Courses
EDL 204Sociocultural Studies in Education3
EDP 201Human Development and Learning in Social and Educational Contexts3
EDP 256Psychology of the Exceptional Learner3
EDT 181Physical Science4
or EDT 182 Physical Science
EDT 190Introduction to Education3
EDT 362Social Sciences for Teachers II4
FSW 225Family School and Community Connections3
MTH 115Mathematics for Teachers of Grades P-64
MTH 116Mathematics for Elementary Teachers4
Select one fine arts elective in addition to the Miami Plan fine arts requirement. (any ART, MUS, THE, or ARC)3
EDT 419ETeaching Internship- Early Childhood15
Block One
Take the following courses concurrently:
EDT 246EFoundations of Language and Literacy3
EDT 272EIntroductory Child Development: PreBirth through Age 83
EDT 315ETeaching with Children's Literature Across the ECE Curriculum3
KNH 245Issues of Health & Wellness for the Young Child3
Block Two
Take the following courses concurrently (after successful completion of Block One):
EDT 317ETeaching Science: Early Childhood3
EDT 318EMathematics in Early Childhood3
EDT 417ETeaching Social Studies in the Early Childhood3
EDT 442EPhonics, Word Study, and Spelling Instruction in ECE3
EDT 474EClassroom Management & Student Guidance in Early Childhood3
Block Three
Take the following courses concurrently (after successful completion of Block Two):
EDL 318ETeacher Leadership and School Organization3
EDP 432Assessment and Educational Planning for Children Age 3 to 83
EDP 495EInclusion and Adaptations for Mild/Moderate and Gifted Needs: Early Childhood3
EDT 346ETeaching Language and Literacy Across the ECE Curriculum3
EDT 473EEarly Childhood Synthesis: Negotiating the Complexities of Teaching3
Total Credit Hours91