Foreign Language Education

Complete at least 34 semester hours above 202 level in a foreign language of the licensure field. For Latin, complete 34 semester hours above the 102 level; courses related to Latin in the Department of Classics may be used. Study of the selected language begins at a level appropriate to your competence, determined with a placement examination or with a sequence of study prescribed by your academic advisor. All Spanish, French, Chinese and German foreign language education students are required to participate in a study abroad program.

Requirements for all Foreign Language Education Programs

EDL 204Sociocultural Studies in Education3
EDP 201Human Development and Learning in Social and Educational Contexts3
EDP 256Psychology of the Exceptional Learner3
EDP 279Technology + Media Literacy and Learning3
EDT 190Introduction to Education3
Select one of the following:3
Introduction to American Cultures
Cultural Diversity in the U.S.
Literature and Identity
Asian American Literature
Latino/a Literature and the Americas
Adolescent Development in Diverse Families: Ages 13-25
Geography of Urban Diversity
Strength Through Cultural Diversity
Introduction to Women's Studies
Select both of the following concurrently, fall semester prior to cohort year:
EDP 301AAssessment and Evaluation in Educational Settings3
EDT 323Teaching English Language Learners in PK-12: Instructional Theories & Practices3
Fall semester of cohort year only:
EDT 444/544Language Teaching and Learning I3
Select all of the following concurrently, spring semester of cohort year only:
EDT 421A/EDT 521AClassroom Management2
EDT 445/545Language Teaching and Learning II3
EDT 446L/EDT 546LReading in the Foreign Language3
Supervised teaching semester:
EDT 419A/EDT 519ATeaching Internship- Adolescent15
Total Credit Hours50

Chinese: Bachelor of Science in Education

CHI 101
CHI 102
Elementary Chinese
and Elementary Chinese
CHI 201
CHI 202
Second Year Chinese
and Second Year Chinese
CHI 301
CHI 302
Third Year Chinese
and Third Year Chinese
CHI 401
CHI 402
Fourth Year Chinese I
and Fourth Year Chinese II
ENG/SPN 303/ATH 309/GER 309/Introduction to Linguistics4
Select two of the following (study abroad transfer credit may be used): 16
Traditional Chinese Literature in English Translation
Modern Chinese Literature in English Translation
Drama in China and Japan in Translation
Chinese Cinema and Culture
Total Credit Hours36

Native or heritage speakers will choose from a different set of courses. See advisor for details.

French: Bachelor of Science in Education

Select two of the following:6
Pre-Revolutionary Literature and Life
Modern and Contemporary Literature and Life
Texts in Context
Select one of the following (not previously taken):3
Pre-Revolutionary Literature and Life
Modern and Contemporary Literature and Life
Texts in Context
Select the following:
FRE 301Culture & Interpretation3
FRE 341Conversation and Current Events in France3
FRE 361French Pronunciation 13
FRE 410Senior Seminar3
FRE 411/FRE 511French Civilization3
FRE 415Advanced Composition3
Electives FRE 399-FRE 499 to complete required 34 hours 27
Total Credit Hours34

 Minimum grade of B required.


Recommended: FRE 399W

German: Bachelor of Science in Education

GER 301German Language Through the Media3
GER 311Passionate Friendships in German Literature from the Middle Ages to the Present3
GER 312Coming of Age in German Life and Thought3
GER 471Linguistic Perspectives on Contemporary German3
Additional course from GER 400-4993
GER 321Cultural Topics in German-Speaking Europe Since 18703
or GER 322 Comparative Study of Everyday Culture: German-Speaking Europe and the
Select at least 6 credits of 400-level German courses, including at least one literature course.6
Electives to complete required 34 semester hours (not previously taken) from GER 203-GER 49910
Total Credit Hours34

 No courses in translation count in this major.

Latin: Bachelor of Science in Education

Note: Study abroad is not required in Latin education

CLS 102Roman Civilization3
CLS 121Introduction to Classical Mythology3
LAT 201Intermediate Latin3
LAT 202Representative Latin Authors3
Select 3 hours from CLS 200-4993
Complete required 34 hours from the following:19
Special Topics in Latin Literature 1
Latin Seminar 1
Total Credit Hours34

 Maximum 12 hours.

Spanish: Bachelor of Science in Education

Required courses
SPN 311Grammar Review and Introductory Composition3
SPN 312Introduction to Spanish Language/Linguistics3
SPN 315Intro to Hispanic Literatures3
SPN 316Intermediate Spanish Composition3
SPN 342Advanced Conversational Spanish3
SPN 351Cultural History of Spain I3
SPN 352Cultural History of Spain II3
SPN 361Spanish American Cultural History I3
SPN 362Spanish American Cultural History II3
SPN 420/430/440Selected Topics in Literature and Culture: Spain3
SPN 481/SPN 581Spanish Phonology and Syntax 13
SPN 490Issues in Hispanic Literature, Linguistics, or Culture3
Select two courses from SPN 450/SPN 550-SPN 4996
Total Credit Hours42

 See advisor if SPN 481/SPN 581 is not offered.