Interdisciplinary Business Management- Bachelor of Science in Business

For information on this major, contact the Student Services Office 1022 FSB, 513-529-1712.

Students interested in Interdisciplinary Business Management major will meet with an advisor to discuss the program and officially declare the major. 

Program Requirements

Required courses
BLS 442Business Associations & Communal Law3
MGT 303Human Resource Management3
MKT 325Consumer Behavior3
Select one track14
Required Courses
International Business Law
Select a minimum of eight hours of the following:
Federal Income Tax Accounting
Legal Writing and Reasoning
Estates, Wills & Trusts
Ethics, Law, & Business
Independent Studies
Economic Analysis of Law
Employment Law
Constitutional Law and Politics
Constitutional Rights and Liberties
Administrative Law
Required Courses
International Business 1
International Business in Focus
International Economic Relations
Select a minimum of eight hours of the following:
International Business Law
FSB International Studies Programs
Economic Development
International Trade and Commercial Policy
International Monetary Relations
International Business Finance
Cross Cultural Management
Global Marketing
Total Credit Hours23

BUS 371 is typically offered abroad; BUS 373 is only offered on FSB study abroad programs.