Business Legal Studies Minor

For information and entry restrictions, contact the Department of Finance, 2053 FSB, 513-529-1560. The business legal studies minor is open to all university students.

Increased sensitivity to the legal implications of doing business has created the need for greater managerial understanding of the legal process and its relationship to the marketplace. This minor allows the business and non-business major to develop a greater sensitivity to issues of business liability, governmental regulation of business, public policy, and the origin and evolution of law, especially in its interfacing with commercial activities.

For details regarding admission to FSB minors and availability of coursework, please refer to the information at the beginning of this section (under Farmer School of Business "Minors").

Program Requirements

(21 semester hours)

BLS 342Legal Environment of Business3
BLS 442Business Associations & Communal Law3
Select at least two of the following (15 hours maximum):6
Federal Income Tax Accounting
Property Law
Estates, Wills & Trusts
International Business Law
Ethics, Law, & Business
Economic Analysis of Law
Government and Business
Employment Law
Select remaining hours from the following:9
Public Sector Economics
Environmental Economics
Economic History
Economics of Compensation
Principles and Applications of Environmental Science
Environmental Law
The Era of the American Revolution
The Early American Republic, 1783-1815
United States from Progressive Era to Great Depression
United States in the Modern Era
Women in American History
U.S. Constitutional Development to 1865
American Environmental History
Human Resource Management
Employment Law
Negotiations and Conflict Management
Developing Customer Insights
Political Philosophy
Philosophy of Law
Classical Political Philosophy
Modern Political Philosophy
Global Gender Politics
Constitutional Law and Politics
Constitutional Rights and Liberties
Administrative Law
International Law
Sociology of Law
Total Credit Hours21