Geography- Master of Arts

For information, contact:
Director of Graduate Studies
Department of Geography
118 Shideler Hall, 513-529-5010

The M.A. in Geography is a small program with 10-12 students in residence each year. With 14 permanent faculty, the student to faculty ratio of around 1 to 1 provides students with excellent access to faculty. Graduate faculty are strongly committed to teaching, advising, and research collaboration with graduate students.

Research and Support Facilities

Two computer labs and a project space with state-of-the-art GIS hardware and software, including ArcGIS and Imagine. This facility is supported by a large format (E size) color ink jet printer. There is a microclimatology/precipitation chemistry station at the nearby Ecology Research Center and three stream monitoring stations at Hueston Woods State Park. An extensive collection of aerial photos, maps, and digital data is available for graduate research support.

Admission Requirements

Six courses, including introductory human geography, introductory physical geography, cartography or GIS, a quantitative methods course, and two additional advanced courses, are generally required. Deficiencies may be made up after admission. In addition, a statement of purpose/research interests and three letters of recommendation must be provided.

Requirements: Master of Arts

The Master of Arts degree has both a thesis and internship option. Both options require a minimum of 36 hours.

Core course work10
Thesis/Internship credit6-12
Total Credit Hours36

Before the end of the first year, a formal oral presentation of the thesis/internship proposal is required. This program culminates in the defense of a thesis or internship report.