Interactive Media Studies Certificate

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Director of Graduate Studies
Department of Interactive Media Studies

This graduate certificate program in Interactive Media Studies is designed for graduate students and working professionals who wish to gain knowledge about and develop management and leadership skills in developing digital media for social and organizational applications — for business, educational institutions, government, and community organizations and nonprofits. The program emphasizes multidisciplinary thinking, organizational problem solving, research and inquiry, creative production and design, and communication skills. The program will foster the student's ability to think creatively, imaginatively, and practically about how interactive media can be deployed to address society's needs as well as client's needs and to design appropriate solutions and provide entrepreneurial leadership to move teams and organizations to action and implementation. Students will learn basic principles of digital design. They will study and synthesize others’ research and conduct their own research projects on interactive media. They will learn to critique, test, and evaluate existing designs. They will learn best practices and principles for interactive design. The program will have a particularly strong emphasis on doing, creating, making, researching, and working within and for real clients and organizations. Students will engage in real-world, client-based projects in nearly every course and will conclude their program with an extended client-based practicum designed to provide them with hands-on experience designing digital media for a real client.

This program is designed to be completed in one year or less of half-time student enrollment. Graduate courses will typically be offered in the evenings to suit student work schedules. Some courses may be offered on the VOA campus. Online and hybrid versions of some classes will be available eventually for students who wish to enroll from distant locations.

Program Requirements

Required Foundation Course
Select one of the following:3-4
Interactive Business Communication
Social Media Marketing and Online Community Management
Digital Branding
Advanced Web Design
Select three of the following not selected above: 19-11
Interactive Business Communication
Visual Rhetoric
Web and Social Media Analytics
Social Media Marketing and Online Community Management
Digital Branding
Advanced Web Design
Advanced 3D Visualization and Simulation
Game Prototyping, Pipeline and Production
Advanced Topics in Interactive Media Studies
Independent Studies
Special Topics in Rhetoric
Information Network Marketing
Required Practicum
IMS 540Interactive Media Studies Practicum 24
Total Credit Hours16-19