Computer Technology- Associate in Applied Science

For more information contact the regional campus coordinator for computing programs: on the Hamilton campus at 301 Mosler Hall, 513-785-3132, or on the Middletown campus at 111 Levey Hall, 513-727-3380.

The computer technology major continuation option is designed for students who wish to earn an associate degree at the regional campuses and ultimately obtain a bachelor's degree in one of three computing programs that can be completed at the Oxford campus. It allows students to complete an Associate Degree in Applied Science by taking approximately half of the courses for a bachelor's degree in one of the following majors: Computer Science, Software Engineering, or Computer Engineering. After completing the associate degree, students may relocate to the Oxford campus and continue with junior standing. Students who wish to find employment after completing this associate degree are prepared for positions such as computer programmers, system support personnel and other technical computing positions.

Program Requirements

Students will take the Core requirements (53 hours) and depending on the major, the program requirements (12) to satisfy the requirement of 65 hours.

Core Requirements
CEC 101Computing, Engineering & Society1
CIT/CSE 262Technology, Ethics, and Global Society3
CSE 174Fundamentals of Programming and Problem Solving3
CSE 271Object-Oriented Programming3
ECO 201Principles of Microeconomics3
ENG 111Composition and Rhetoric3
ENG 112Composition and Literature3
MTH 151Calculus I5
MTH 251Calculus II4
STC 135Principles of Public Speaking 13
or STC 231 Small Group Communication
Miami Plan Physical Science:
PHY 191General Physics with Laboratory I5
PHY 192General Physics with Laboratory II5
Miami Plan electives 212
Sets of Courses
Select one set of courses (depending on major)12
Total Credit Hours65

If STC 231 is taken instead of STC 135, students may need an additional Global Miami Plan foundation course in MPF II Students should check their DAR.


Global Miami Plan elective courses are intended to represent any other course requirements as needed to fulfill Miami's Liberal Education requirements and graduation requirements and should be selected consistent with current requirements, as indicated in each student's DAR.

Sets of Courses

Computer Science

MTH 231Elements of Discrete Mathematics3
Select three of the following:9
Introduction to Software Engineering 1
Data Abstraction and Data Structures
Computer Architecture 1
Data Communication and Networks
Total Credit Hours12

Courses may be offered only at the Oxford Campus.

Software Engineering

CEC 102Problem Solving and Design3
CSE 274Data Abstraction and Data Structures3
MTH 231Elements of Discrete Mathematics3
Select one of the following:3
Introduction to Software Engineering 1
Software Construction
Computer Architecture 1
Total Credit Hours12

Course may be offered only at the Oxford Campus.

Computer Engineering 

CEC 102Problem Solving and Design (or equivalent)3
CSE 278Computer Architecture 13
Select 6 hours for the Computer Engineering major (with advisor approval)6
Total Credit Hours12

Courses may be offered only at the Oxford Campus.

Restriction on courses that can be taken Credit/No Credit: All computer science and software engineering courses (CSE), all required mathematics, and the courses that comprise the student's year of science (for this major, all physics courses) must be taken for a grade.