Advanced Writing

(3 hours minimum)

Advanced writing courses (200 or 300 level) are offered by instructors in disciplines, departments, and programs across the university. These courses focus on writing instruction. Advanced writing courses feature:

  • Student writing as the central focus (with the majority of class time dedicated to instruction on and activities about writing)
  • Frequent opportunities to write with ongoing instructor feedback on multiple drafts of major projects
  • Multiple, substantial writing projects (at least 7,500 words over the course of the term).

The Advanced Writing requirement is new to the entering class of 2015 and courses are being continually added to the list of approved courses. For a comprehensive and current list of approved courses see the liberal education web site:

Courses that meet the College of Arts and Science requirement for writing in the major are approved for the Advanced Writing Requirement and are listed below along with those courses already approved to meet this requirement. Some departments in the College of Arts and science have chosen a scaffolded approach requiring a series of courses and are listed as such:

Advanced Writing Courses

AMS 206Approaches to American Culture3
ART 285Writing and the Visual Arts3
BIS 305Integrative Writing in Global Contexts3
CJS 282Writing in Criminal Justice3
EDP 324Research and Applied Writing Across the Disciplines3
EDT 284Writing for Educators3
ENG 215Workplace Writing3
ENG 224Digital Writing and Rhetoric: Composing with Words, Images and Sounds3
ENG 225Advanced Composition3
ENG 226Introduction to Creative Writing: Short Fiction and Poetry3
ENG 313Technical Writing3
ENG 315Business Writing3
ENG 413/ENG 513Grant and Proposal Writing3
MTH 331Proof: Introduction to Higher Mathematics3
MTH 331TProof: Introduction to Higher Mathematics (H)3
PHL 245Writing Philosophy3