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ART 102. Color Theory and Practice. (1.5)

This course will introduce the students to basic theory, physical properties, and use of color through hands-on projects, readings, lecture, discussion, and critiques. During the 7-week sprint course period, students will develop various short and long-term projects that apply color in 2d, 3d, and 4d mediums. Students will learn how color is made and manipulated, what color looks like, the cultural context that gives color meaning.

The Graduate School

...of Arts and Science Biology: Master of Arts...Graduate School 102 Roudebush Hall Phone: 513-529...

Academic Planning

...172 3 Art History 3 ART 188 3...CHI 102 8 4 CHI 101 , CHI 102...

Degree and Certificate Requirements

Graduate School 102 Roudebush Hall Phone: 513-529...spectrum disorders, advanced studio art, analytics for professionals...

Graduate Awards and Other Financial Assistance for Graduate Students

Graduate School 102 Roudebush Hall phone: 513-529...semester; however, Master of Arts in Teaching degree...

Admission for Undergraduate Students

...unit of fine arts, including art, drama, dance...the level of MTH 102 or higher, or...

The College of Arts and Science

Arts and Science and University Studies Advising Office 146 Upham Hall Phone: 513-529-3031 General Information The College of Arts and Science is the centerpiece of liberal arts education at Miami University and the largest academic division on campus. As such, the College encompasses a rich diversity of disciplinary opportunities and experiences across the humanities, natural sciences, social sciences, languages, mathematics, and interdisciplinary programs. Using this broad foundation, an Arts and Science education is devoted to intellectual analysis, critical thinking, and honing transferable skills that will be used for a student’s entire lifetime. Employers demand a smart, globally minded workforce that can creatively solve problems while drawing upon a broad and adaptable skill set, and the College prepares its students for a vast array of career opportunities. The College offers three degrees: the Bachelor of Arts, the Bachelor of Arts in International Studies, and the Bachelor of Science Accreditation Departments in the College that are accredited by professional associations are: Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry: American Chemical Society Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry: Chemistry and Biochemistry by the American Society of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology (ASBMB) Department of Psychology: American Psychological Association Department of Speech Pathology and Audiology (graduate program only) by the Council of Academic Accreditation in Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology General Requirements These are the general requirements of the College of Arts and Science for graduation: Earn at least 124 semester hours, 56 must be advanced (at 200 level and above). Fulfill the Global Miami Plan (MP), the College Requirement (CAS), and the requirements of your major. Earn a 2.00 cumulative grade point average, as well as a  2.00 average in all courses taken in your department(s) of major. If you are a transfer student, you must take a substantial portion of your major requirements at Miami.  You will work with an Arts and Science divisional academic advisor at the time of transfer to help facilitate your transition. Notes on Credit Restrictions Before registering for your courses, you should keep in mind these restrictions on credit: You may not earn credit for a lower-numbered course in a department if you have already taken a closely related, higher-numbered course for credit. For example, if you have passed  FRE 201 ,  FRE 202 , you cannot take  FRE 101 ,  FRE 102  and receive credit for them. When taking a series of courses, you may not jump over a prerequisite course.  For example: if you start a foreign language and take the 101 and 102 courses, you cannot jump over the 201 course to take the 202 course; be sure to consult the courses of instruction portion of this bulletin to look at the prerequisites for courses you are thinking of taking. Credit is not given for closely related courses in two or more divisions; be sure to consult the courses of instruction portion of this bulletin to see if courses are duplicative credit. You cannot register for more than 20 hours in a semester except with the approval of the Dean or his/her designee.  

General Studies- Associate in Arts

This program is available to students enrolled at any campus of Miami University who has not completed the requirements for a Bachelor's degree.

Psychological Science- Bachelor of Arts

Psychological Science uses empirical evidence to understand how and why people act, think, feel, and behave. As humans are complex beings, psychological science evaluates behavior and mental function across multiple domains to include biological, behavioral, cognitive, cultural, social, individual, and developmental influences. Psychological Science majors can expect to gain an in-depth understanding of how to design, conduct, and interpret empirical research as they are developing a broad understanding of current knowledge regarding the contributions of each of these areas of human functioning. Upper-division courses allow majors to gain applied knowledge across multiple subfields of interest. This broad training prepares graduates well for employment opportunities in human resources, public relations, consulting, career counseling, marketing, management, mental health, substance abuse, child development, gerontology, and more, as well as for advanced study in fields of psychology, sociology, education, medicine, law, and more.

Instructional Design and Technology- Master of Arts, Master of Education

For information, contact: Department Chair Department of Educational Psychology 201 McGuffey, 513-529-6621

Classical Humanities Minor

...GRK 102 2 Except LAT 101 , LAT 102...of classical literature, language, art, and civilization. A...

Classical Languages- Bachelor of Arts

This program is an in-depth study of classical culture possible only through the study of the classical languages. The study of ancient Greek and Latin has provided the basis of classical education for centuries. This major leads to the development of enhanced skills in grammar and textual analysis, and the ability to read the work of ancient authors in their own language. Classical languages provides exposure to word roots in English, as well as familiarity with key terminology in a range of professions, not least medicine and law. It also enhances the study of other European languages as well as studies in early Christianity

Spanish- Bachelor of Arts

No courses in Spanish may be taken credit/no credit.  Courses taken cannot fulfill more than one requirement for the Spanish major.


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