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ART 105. Technical Drawing. (1.5)

This is an introductory course focusing on the understanding and practical application of drawing from imagination using codified systems of construction and representation. During this course we will gain a working knowledge of how structured systems of drawing can be used to both ideate and communicate ideas. Emphasis is placed on learning the basics of linear perspective and the use of drawing to create objects and environments as an inventive process, the development of technical hand skills, the application of those skills using drawing tools, and the introduction and exploration of digital processes such as computer assisted drawing (CAD).

Academic Planning

...172 3 Art History 3 ART 188 3...Marketing: credit for CMR 105 for score of...

Department of Architecture and Interior Design

...Arts in Architecture Bachelor of Arts in Art...non-pre-professional degree + 105 graduate credits) Next...

Architecture- Master of Architecture

...of Creative Arts maintains several divisional art galleries...for a total of 105 credit hours. After...

Classical Humanities Minor

...the Department of Classics, 105 Irvin Hall, 513...of classical literature, language, art, and civilization. A...

Classical Languages- Bachelor of Arts

This program is an in-depth study of classical culture possible only through the study of the classical languages. The study of ancient Greek and Latin has provided the basis of classical education for centuries. This major leads to the development of enhanced skills in grammar and textual analysis, and the ability to read the work of ancient authors in their own language. Classical languages provides exposure to word roots in English, as well as familiarity with key terminology in a range of professions, not least medicine and law. It also enhances the study of other European languages as well as studies in early Christianity

English:Literature- Bachelor of Arts

The English department offers four majors: creative writing ,  literature ,  linguistics , and  professional writing . These concentrations lead to an A.B.

Classical Humanities- Bachelor of Arts

Classics is the study of literature, art, history, archaeology, philosophy, and cultures of the ancient Greeks and Romans. Achievements of Greco-Roman civilization are important to study for their inherent power and beauty and for the extraordinary influence they have on cultures that followed. Study of the Greco-Roman world deepens your understanding of the origins of Western culture and offers alternatives to social, political, and cultural values of our world. This major gives you a broad spectrum of classical culture and civilization without primary emphasis on study in classical languages.