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ART 111. Design and Composition. (3; maximum 6)

This is an introductory course focusing on the design elements and design principals in two, three, and four dimensions. Students will practice idea generation, good craftsmanship, and design vocabulary. Class will consist of discussions, presentations, quizzes, and critiques. Projects will be completed in some of the following media: paper, assemblage, cardboard, plaster, found object, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator. A laptop computer and Adobe Creative Suite/Cloud are required tools for this course.

Academic Planning

...5 ART 121 3 Studio Art: 2D Design 3, 4 or 5 ART 111 3...

Admission for Undergraduate Students

...unit of fine arts, including art, drama, similar to ENG 111 except ENG 109...

Course Registration and Other Regulations

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Engineering Technology- Bachelor of Science in Applied Science

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Thematic Sequence

...Studio ART 5 Three-Dimensional Art Studio ART...EDP 101 or PSY 111 or EDP 201...

Education, Teacher Education- Master of Education, Master of Arts in Teaching

For information, contact: Director of Graduate Studies Department of Teacher Education 401 McGuffey Hall, 513-529-6443

Psychology- Bachelor of Arts

For information, contact the Department of Psychology, 100 Psychology Building, 513-529-2400, .

English:Literature- Bachelor of Arts

The English department offers four majors: creative writing ,  literature ,  linguistics , and  professional writing . These concentrations lead to an A.B.

Spanish- Bachelor of Arts

No courses in Spanish may be taken credit/no credit.  Courses taken cannot fulfill more than one requirement for the Spanish major.

Individualized Studies- Bachelor of Arts

The AB in Individualized Studies offers an academic home for students with multiple interests to develop their own plan of study by integrating a set of core classes with courses chosen by the student from almost any area of study. Western courses explore diverse subjects but share a strong interdisciplinary theme. By emphasizing the importance of studying complex issues from multiple perspectives, these courses equip students with skills in critical thinking, problem solving, and objective analysis. The individualized portion of the major is designed by students in close consultation with faculty and staff advisors, and draws from courses across the university, including study abroad, independent studies, and/or credit-bearing internships. The degree culminates in a student-designed project that positions students for entry into graduate school or the workplace.

Art Therapy Minor

This minor is for students interested in learning more about the field of art therapy; in some cases the minor may prepare students to apply to art therapy graduate programs. Art therapists can work in any setting that employs helping professions, for example: hospitals, schools, correctional facilities, domestic violence shelters, geriatric facilities, psychiatric facilities, residential facilities, day programs for developmental disabilities and chronic mental illness, etc. Art therapy uses the art process and the therapeutic relationship between the client and art therapist to process trauma, enhance self-esteem, improve relational abilities, decrease anxiety/depression, and increase an overall enhanced sense of well-being. Once obtaining a master’s degree in art therapy, students will be eligible for mental health licensure in their state, which grants them the ability then to have four broad career opportunities (Art Therapist, Art Educator 1 , Counselor, and Artist).