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ART 195. Introduction to Art Education. (3) (MPF)

Thematic approaches to art education will be discussed and applied through personal artmaking, lesson planning and experiences in community settings. Students will visit PK-12 schools and other educational sites and practice methods of digital documentation and reflective practice. Field experience hours required. Can be taken with ART 295 or ART 296. IIA.

Department of Art

The Department of Art offers these degrees: Bachelor of Arts in Art and Architecture History; Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art; Bachelor of Fine Arts in Communication Design; and Bachelor of Science in Art with Multi-Age Visual Arts Licensure Program (prekindergarten through grade 12; ages 3-21) for those preparing to teach in public schools. You can receive a B.F.A. and a B.S. degree at the same time; this may take additional time beyond the 124 semester hours required for a degree.

Transfer Student Admission art, enrollment in an additional six hours of studio art, completion of ART 195...


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