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ART 331. Painting II. (3)

Painting problems using both representational and abstract approaches in various painting media.
3 Lab. includes Lec.
Prerequisite: ART 231.

Classical Humanities- Bachelor of Arts

Classics is the study of literature, art, history, archaeology, philosophy, and cultures of the ancient Greeks and Romans. Achievements of Greco-Roman civilization are important to study for their inherent power and beauty and for the extraordinary influence they have on cultures that followed. Study of the Greco-Roman world deepens your understanding of the origins of Western culture and offers alternatives to social, political, and cultural values of our world. This major gives you a broad spectrum of classical culture and civilization without primary emphasis on study in classical languages.

Mathematics- Bachelor of Arts

Two degrees are offered: Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science. For the Bachelor of Science, choose one of two majors: mathematics or mathematics and statistics. The A.B. in Mathematics requires all sections of the College of Arts and Science Requirement (CAS), while the B.S. has only the language requirement. Each program has the related hours requirement. All MTH and STA courses applied to your program, and all courses in the 12-hour section of the related hours, should be taken for grades, not credit/no-credit. In the MTH and STA courses, your GPA must be at least 2.00. Service courses do not figure into your GPA unless explicitly approved by the department.