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CHM 141. College Chemistry. (3) (MPF)

General chemistry lecture course. Examines the fundamentals of atomic and molecular structure, chemical reactions and stoichiometry, properties of solutions, thermochemistry, gases, and chemical bonding. Students also develop ideas, experience, methodology, and skills used in the application of scientific methodology. Credit not given for both CHM 141R and 141. IVB, LAB. CAS-D.
Prerequisite: one year of high school chemistry and a math placement score of 12 or higher or permission of instructor.
Co-requisite: CHM 144.

Academic Planning

...CHM 111 , CHM 111L 4 4 CHM 141 , CHM 144 5 5 CHM 141 , CHM...

Thematic Sequence

...students to take alternative courses. Prerequisite: CHM 141 , CHM 144 (Foundation courses); alternative courses require...