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FRE 301. Culture & Interpretation. (3)

Gateway to upper-level offerings in French. Organized around a theme developed by each professor (for example: modernity, desire, revolution, or voyages), this class initiates students into the work of original analysis and creative interpretation. The course will include works from a variety of media, voices, and historical moments, from films to comics, speeches to sonnets, Paris to Algiers, Versailles to the street. Students will explore the relationships between literature and culture while gaining exposure to a range of approaches to, and theories of, reading. Students will hone their ability to present their ideas in writing. CAS-B-LIT.
Prerequisite: FRE 202.

Academic Planning

...5 FRE 101 , FRE 102 , FRE 201 , FRE...and Science (CAS-A). 301 LEVEL AND ABOVE...

Thematic Sequence

...although FRE 310 (or FRE 301 or the equivalent) is a prerequisite for FRE 411...

German- Bachelor of Arts

...related courses) 1 Except FRE 212 / GER 212...the following courses: GER 301 and GER 471 .

French Minor

...above and maintain a 2.50 GPA. FRE 301 is required. No courses in translation...

French- Bachelor of Arts

...course/s: FRE 301 ; six hours from FRE 302 , FRE 303 , or FRE 310 , in...