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GEO 121. Earth's Physical Environment. (4) (MPF, MPT)

Study of the earth's physical environment, using systems approach to understand energy and material cycles, global circulation, and temporal dynamics. Focus on influence of physical processes on spatial patterns and on interrelationships of the atmosphere, soils, vegetation, and landforms. Credit not granted to students who have earned credit in GEO 122. IVB, LAB. CAS-D/LAB.
3 Lec. 1 Lab.

Academic Planning

...score 5 or better) Credit for GEO 121 and GEO 201 . German B (acceptable score...

The College of Arts and Science

...Perspectives Geography Any GEO course (except GEO 121 , GEO 122 , GEO 431 , GEO 432 ), ITS...