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HST 122. Western Civilization. (3) (MPF)

Ideas, values, institutions, great events, and personalities in the development of European civilization from 1500 to the present. Objective is to understand historically the major societal issues and cultural themes which have defined concepts of humanity and society in the Western world. IIB. CAS-B.

Academic Planning

...for HST 121 for score of 55. Western Civilization II: credit for HST 122 for...

The College of Arts and Science

...GEO 121 and GEO 122 . Biological science includes...Plan requirement. History Any HST course, or one...

History (HST)

All history courses may be applied to CAS-B. The second unit of a two-semester course may be taken before the first unit; credit is given for any semester unit of HST 111 , HST 112 , HST 121 , HST 122 .