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LAT 202. Representative Latin Authors. (3)

Reading and analysis of selections from such authors as Vergil and Cicero. CAS-B-LIT or CAS-A (not both).
Prerequisite: LAT 121 or 201 or three years of high school Latin.

Academic Planning

...101 , LAT 102 8 4 or 5 LAT 101 , LAT 102 , LAT 201 , LAT 202...

The College of Arts and Science

...202-level course prerequisite, that course automatically satisfies CAS-A. GRK 202 or LAT 202...

Latin Language & Literature (LAT)

Note :  Students who have previously taken Latin must take the placement test before enrolling in any Latin course.  Once placed, a student may not skip a course in the sequence leading to  LAT 202.

Classical Languages- Bachelor of Arts

...the following courses: LAT 310 and LAT 410 . ...Education, Health and Society, 202 McGuffey Hall, 513...