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MBIĀ 116. Biological Concepts: Structure, Function, Cellular and Molecular Biology. (4) (MPF, MPT)

Biological principles common to microbes, plants, and animals, including interactions between organism and the environment. IVA, LAB. CAS-D/LAB. CAS-QL.
3 Lec. 1 Lab.
Cross-listed with BIO.

Academic Planning

...Biology 3, 4, or 5 BIO 116 / MBI 116 4 (for score of 3: students...

The College of Arts and Science

...A year of biology (BIO/MBI 115, BIO/MBI 116) should be taken sometime during...

Cell, Molecular and Structural Biology (CMSB)- M.S., Ph.D.

...Students teaching BIO 115 / BIO 116 MBI 115 / MBI 116 laboratories will attend pedagogy training...