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MGT 302. Introduction to Operations and Supply Chain Management. (3) (MPT)

Identification, understanding, analysis, application, and measurement of basic issues encountered in the creation of goods and services for a given firm as well as the strategic and tactical relationships between firms that participate in an effective supply chain. Problems examined through use of cases, lectures, discussions, and computer-based approaches such as simulation, spreadsheets, and problem-solving software.
Prerequisite: ISA 205, ISA 225, STA 261, STA 301 or STA 368, proficiency in spreadsheet use, or permission of instructor.

Management Minor

...Students are required to take MGT 291 and MGT 302 during the summer or winter...

Thematic Sequence

...MBI 2 Molecular Genetics MGT 1 Dynamics of...ENG 301 and ENG 302 are recommended to...