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MTH 104. Precalculus with Algebra. (5)

Service course. Functions, rational functions, logarithmic and exponential functions, trigonometry, along with review of algebra topics important for calculus. Note: Students who have credit for MTH 151 or a higher mathematics class may not enroll in MTH 104. The only exceptions are when a student audits the course or meets the criteria of the Course Repeat Policy, as stated in the Student Handbook. Credit for graduation will not be given for more than one of MTH 102 and MTH 104 nor for more than one of MTH 104, MTH 123, and MTH 125. At most nine credit hours toward graduation can be earned from any combination of MTH 101, MTH 102, MTH 104, MTH 123, and MTH 125.
Prerequisite: two years of college preparatory mathematics, but little or no trigonometry.

Academic Planning

...chapter.) MTH 104 : covers intermediate algebra and precalculus in one semester. Next course is MTH...

College of Engineering and Computing

...MTH 104 , MTH 123 , or MTH 249 . Students who take a prerequisite course to MTH...

Mathematics (MTH)

Service courses do not count toward majors in the Department of Mathematics. They may or may not count toward majors in other departments. Look carefully at your major requirements and at the mathematics and statistics placement guide in this Bulletin. On regional campuses, placement into  MTH 115 , MTH 125 , and MTH 151 is based on achieving an appropriate score on a standard placement test administered at the regional campus. Credit cannot be earned in a lower level course after earning credit at a higher level. At most, five credit hours toward graduation can be earned from any combination of MTH 104 , MTH 123 , and MTH 125 .