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PHY 141. Physics in Sports. (3) (MPF)

Various aspects of a dozen or more sports are treated using the laws of physics. Provides the non-science student with insight into principles governing motion, dynamics, and other elements of physics in sports. IVB. CAS-D.

Academic Planning

...Miami Plan. PHY 101 , PHY 111 , PHY 118 , PHY 121 , PHY 131 , PHY 141 : general...

Thematic Sequence

...PHY 1 The Physical World: Contemporary Physics PHY...alternative courses. Prerequisite: CHM 141 , CHM 144 (Foundation...

Physics (PHY)

Consult the physics placement guide for assistance in selecting beginning courses. Contact the department chair or chief departmental advisor for appropriate physics course selection if you receive Advanced Placement credit in physics. A student who receives credit for a higher level lecture or laboratory sequence, e.g., PHY 191 or PHY 192 , may not receive credit concurrently or subsequently for a lower level sequence except that, with departmental permission, a student may concurrently or subsequently receive credit for courses numbered PHY 111 through PHY 141 . A student may transfer from an introductory physics sequence to a lower numbered sequence at the end of the first semester, i.e., PHY 191 to PHY 111 through PHY 141 .