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UNV 172. First-Year Research Experience II. (1-3)

This course continues the student's training and experience in conducting research in the relevant content area. Specifically, whereas the focus in UNV 171 was on the design of a research project, this semester will focus on the implementation of the project, as well as the subsequent data analysis and presentation of results. After completing this course, students will have conducted a research process from beginning to fruition, and will thus be adequately trained to partake in supervised yet independent research or creative activity with a faculty mentor. The course serves a number of purposes, such as: practicing careful data collection, preparing data and conducting appropriate analyses, professional writing according to the conventions of the discipline, professionally presenting research results in a variety of formats, and socializing students within a community of scholars.
Prerequisite: UNV 171.

Academic Planning

...Hours Awarded AP Capstone Seminar UNV 171 3 Research UNV 172 3 Art History 3...

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...and present the results in the spring (UNV 172). Students participate in additional activities to...