Biological Physics- Bachelor of Science

For information, contact the Department of Physics, 217 Kreger Hall, 513-529-5625.

A biological physics major explores the physical behavior of biological and biologically-inspired systems, applying physical techniques to solve problems in physics, biology, and medicine. The program is multi-disciplinary, drawing from coursework in physics, biology, chemistry, and mathematics. It combines a broad science curriculum with physical and mathematical rigor in preparation for careers in biological physics, biophysics, medical physics, medicine and biomedical engineering.

Program Requirements

(77-85 semester hours)

BIO/MBI 116Biological Concepts: Structure, Function, Cellular, and Molecular Biology4
BIO 203Introduction to Cell Biology3
CHM 141
CHM 144
College Chemistry
and College Chemistry Laboratory
CHM 142
CHM 145
College Chemistry
and College Chemistry Laboratory
Select one of the following:4-5
Organic Chemistry
and Organic Chemistry Laboratory
Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry
Calculus sequence ending with MTH 25212-14
STA 301Applied Statistics3
PHY 191
PHY 192
General Physics with Laboratory I
and General Physics with Laboratory II
PHY 281Contemporary Physics I: Foundations3
PHY 282Contemporary Physics II: Frontiers3
PHY 293Contemporary Physics Laboratory2
PHY 292
PHY 294
Electronic Instrumentation
and Laboratory in Electronic Instrumentation
PHY 286Introduction to Computational Physics3
PHY 421Molecular and Cellular Biophysics4
or PHY 422 Physics for Medicine and Biology
PHY 401Physics Assessment Examination0
Select four with at least one from each category of the following:12-17
Category 1: Physics
Mathematical Methods in Physics
Any course numbered 400 and above, excluding seminar, research, and independent study courses (PHY 400, PHY 410, PHY 440, PHY 477, PHY 480, PHY 488)
Category 2: Natural and Applied Science 1
Human Physiology
Environmental Plant Physiology
Organic Chemistry
and Organic Chemistry Laboratory
Outlines of Biochemistry
Fundamentals of Biochemistry
Biophysical Chemistry I
Biophysical Chemistry II
Biological Transport Phenomena
Physiology of Exercise and Physical Activity
and Physiology of Exercise and Physical Activity Laboratory
General Microbiology
Another course from category 1
Category 3: Mathematics
Introduction to Linear Algebra
Differential Equations
Mathematical Methods in Physics
Total Credit Hours77-85