Critical Race and Ethnic Studies - Bachelor of Arts

The Critical Race and Ethnic Studies major fosters the critical and interdisciplinary study of race, ethnicity, and/or indigeneity in an increasingly interconnected world. Students develop a deep understanding of the particular historical, social, cultural, and political experiences of individual racialized groups within and beyond the United States, as well as the relations among them. Students choose one of three tracks: they may focus on one social group, or compare two of these groups, or create a self-designed thematic approach.

Program Requirements

(30 semester hours)

Core Courses
CRE 151Introduction to Critical Race and Ethnic Studies3
AAA/BWS/LAS/WGS 211Writing with Purpose: Interdisciplinary Inquiry and Communication3
GIC 421Critical Race and Post-Colonial Studies3
Capstone Requirement3
Take any capstone in the department of Global and Intercultural Studies
Students are required to complete one track; see below for full course lists
A: Social Group Track
Take 18 credits from one of the following groups: African and African Diaspora Studies, Latina/o Studies, Asian American/Asian Studies, Native Indigeneity Studies; at least two courses must be 300-level or above
B: Comparative Race and Ethnicity Track
Take 9 credits from one social group and 9 credits from a second social group, as listed above in A; at least once course from each group must be 300-level or above
C: Self-Designed Track
A proposal for a self-designed track that includes 18 credits of coursework must be submitted to the CDA for approval; at least two courses must be 300-level or above
Total Credit Hours30

African / African Diaspora Studies

Social Group Emphasis: Societies of Africans and peoples of African descent in the diaspora

BWS 156Introduction to Africa4
BWS 181Introduction to Civil Rights and Social Movements1
BWS 182Human Rights & Social Movements1
BWS/FST/LAS/MUS/POR 204Brazilian Culture Through Popular Music3
BWS/HST 221African-American History3
BWS/CLS 222Race and Ethnicity in Antiquity3
BWS/HST 224Africa to 18843
BWS/HST 225The Making of Modern Africa3
BWS/HST/LAS 243History of the Atlantic Slave Trade, 1400s to 1800s3
BWS 248African-American Experience3
BWS/SJS/SOC 265Critical Inquiry: Penny Lecture Series2
BWS/ART 276Introduction to the Art of the Black Diaspora3
BWS/KNH/SOC 279African Americans in Sport3
BWS/GEO 301Geography of Sub-Saharan Africa4
BWS/ATH 307The Middle East: Anthropological Perspectives3
BWS 324/HST 325Images of Africa3
BWS/ATH/LAS/WGS 325Identity, Race, Gender, Class3
BWS/ART 335Arts of West Africa3
BWS/ENG 336African American Writing, 1746-18773
BWS/ENG 337African American Writing, 1878-19453
BWS/ENG 338African American Writing, 1946-Present3
BWS 339/POL 338Contemporary African Politics3
BWS/HST 342Africa Since 19453
BWS/REL 343African-American Religions3
BWS/SOC 348Race and Ethnic Relations3
BWS/SOC/FSW 362Family Poverty3
BWS/HST 365Civil War and Reconstruction Era3
BWS 370Selected Topics/Black World Studies3
BWS/ENG/POR/FST 381Afro-Brazilian Diaspora Through Film and Arts3
BWS/ENG/FST/POR 383Brazilian Women through Literature and Film3
BWS/LAS/HST 385Race, Science, and Disease in the Americas3
BWS/HST 386Race in U.S. Society3
BWS/CJS 401Race and Criminal Justice3
BWS/WGS 402Engaged Learning Practicum1-6
BWS/ENG/WGS 432Feminism and the Diaspora: U.S. Women of Color3
BWS/ENG/WGS 437Black Feminist Studies3
EDL 203Introduction to Critical Youth Studies3
GEO 455Race, Urban Change, and Conflict in America3
MUS/AMS 285Introduction to African American Music3
MUS/AMS 386The History and Development of Hip Hop Culture in America3
PSY 210Psychology Across Cultures3

Latina/0 Studies

Social Group Emphasis: Latina/o populations in the United States and their diaporas

AMS 207America: Global and Intercultural Perspectives3
ATH 185Cultural Diversity in the U.S.3
ENG 348Ethnic American Literatures3
HST/BWS 386Race in U.S. Society3
LAS/ENG 254Latino/a Literature and the Americas3
LAS/HST 260Latin America in the United States3
LAS/AMS 315Latin American Diaspora: Communities, Conditions and Issues3
LAS/ATH/BWS/WGS 325Identity, Race, Gender, Class3
LAS 332Latin American Popular Culture3
SJS 215EMPOWER I: Educational and Economic Justice and Service-Learning3

Asian / Asian American Studies

Social Group Emphasis: Societies of Asians and peoples of Asian descent in the diaspora.

AAA 201Introduction to Asian/ Asian American Studies3
AAA 203Global Religions of India3
AAA 207Asia and Globalization3
AAA 210Psychology Across Cultures3
AAA 248Asian American Literature3
AAA 249Asian & Asian American Cinema3
AAA 269Colonial & Postcolonial Literature3
AAA 351Cultural Politics of Gender and Sexuality in Asian/America3
EDL 334Transnational Youth Cultures3
EDT 202Global Childhood Education: Diversity, Education & Society3
EDT 205Race, Cultural Diversity, and Equity in Education3

Native / Indigeneity Studies

Social Group Emphasis: Native Nations and Indigenous peoples around the world

AMS 301American Identities (Native American Communities)3
ATH 304Native North America: Anthropological Perspectives3
ATH 312North American Archaeology3
ATH 313Latin American Archaeology3
ATH 364Language and Culture in Native North America3
ENG/AMS 246Native American Literature3
GEO/WGS 309Native American Women3
GEO/WGS 406Indigenous Peoples and Their Sacred Lands3
GIC 360Topics in Global and Intercultural Studies ((Global Indigeneity))3
HST/AMS 371Native American History to 18403
HST 372Native American History since 18403
IDS 259Introduction to the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma3
REL/AMS 346Issues in the Study of Native American Religions3
Students seeking the BA in Critical Race and Ethnic Studies will meet the CAS Writing in the Major requirement by completing the following course: AAA/BWS/LAS/WGS 211.