East Asian Studies Minor

For information, contact the program advisor in the Department of Geography, 118B Shideler Hall, 513-529-5558.

This interdisciplinary minor is open to all majors. It introduces students to cultures of East Asian countries, including art, literature, history, geography, religion, sociology, economics, and political systems.

Program Requirements

(18 semester hours)

Language Proficiency

You must attain a second-year language proficiency in either Chinese, Japanese or Korean. Completion of CHI 202, JPN 202KOR 202, or a higher level course in one of these languages will fulfill this requirement. Contact the program advisor for proficiency assessment if necessary.

Course Requirements

Select courses from Group I and II.

Group 1 (200 level)
Select six semester hours of East Asia courses: 16
History of Asian Art, China, Korea, and Japan
Traditional Chinese Literature in English Translation
Modern Chinese Literature in English Translation
Three Kingdoms
Modern Chinese Autobiography
Drama in China and Japan in Translation
Chinese Satire
Chinese Cinema and Culture
Chinese Culture Live
The Rise of Industrialism in East Asia
Japanese Tales of the Supernatural in English Translation
Topics in Japanese Literature in English Translation
Survey of Japanese Cinema
Related courses
Thought and Culture of India
Global Religions of India
Group II (300-400 level)
Select 12 semester hours from East Asia, China, or Japan: 212
East Asia:
Modern & Contemporary East Asian Art
Geography of East Asia
Geography of the Silk Road (The Heart of Asia)
Eurasian Nomads and History
Chinese Painting History
Third Year Chinese
Business Chinese I
Chinese Verbal Theatre Performance
Cross-cultural Examination of the United States and China within an Educational Context
Chinese Education through Culture, Customs, History, and Development
History of Chinese Civilization
Modern Chinese History
Women in Chinese History
Senior Capstone in History
Modern Japanese History
Third Year Japanese
Related course:
Introduction to Buddhism
Total Credit Hours18

Other courses, including one-time offerings, and honors and summer workshop courses may count toward this minor. For approval, contact the program advisor.