Latin American, Latino/a & Caribbean Studies- Bachelor of Arts

For information, contact the LAS Program, 120 MacMillan Hall, 513-529-5333.

Latin American Latino/a & Caribbean Studies (LAS) offer an interdisciplinary major and minor based in mutually enriching perspectives in the humanities, fine arts, social and physical sciences. Courses examine and analyze Latin American and Caribbean cultures, economies, social and political systems, literature, art, music, history, and geography across the hemisphere. Opportunities to study abroad and to engage with Latin American communities in Ohio promote the active application of international knowledge to issues vital to today's changing world.

Program Requirements

(At least 30 semester hours)

Introduction to Latin America
Select three semester hours of the following: 13
Introduction to Latin America
Modern Latin American History
Latin America in the United States
Interdisciplinary Writing
LAS 211Writing with Purpose: Interdisciplinary Inquiry and Communication3
Culmination of Latin American Studies
Select three semester hours of the following: 13
Current Latin American Issues
Independent Studies
Language Requirement
Select one of the following options:3-7
Option 1: select one course
Culture & Interpretation
Grammar Review and Introductory Composition
Option 2: select two courses
Second Year Spanish (or the equivalent)
Intermediate Portuguese (or the equivalent)
Critical Analysis of French Culture (or the equivalent)
One course from a second language selected from SPN, POR or FRE
Core Courses
Select at least 15 hours, with at least 6 credits of the Core Course hours coming from LAS courses or their cross-listed equivalents. At least 3 of the LAS course credits must be from the 300-level.15
Immigrant America
The Arts of Colonial Latin America
Latin America: Anthropological Perspectives
Latin American Archaeology
Field Methods in Archaeology
Brazilian Culture Through Music and Film
History of the Atlantic Slave Trade, 1400s to 1800s
Brazilian Women through Literature and Film
Latino/a Literature and the Americas
History of the Atlantic Slave Trade, 1400s to 1800s
Latin America before 1910
Independent Studies
Independent Studies
Independent Studies
Special Topics
Latin American Diaspora: Communities, Conditions and Issues
Revolution in Latin America
Identity, Race, Gender, Class
Latin American Popular Culture
Race, Science, and Disease in the Americas
Special Topics
Tropical Ecosystems of Costa Rica
Tropical Marine Ecology
Seminar on Modern Architecture in Latin America
Politics of Latin America
Latin America: The Region and the World
Intro to Hispanic Literatures
Spanish American Cultural History I
and Spanish American Cultural History II
Selected Topics in Literature and Culture: Spanish America
Topics in Hispanic Culture and Language
Spanish American Film, Visual, and Digital Studies
Spanish American Interdisciplinary Studies
Related Courses
Select up to three semester hours3
America: Global and Intercultural Perspectives
Peoples of the World
Cultural Diversity in the U.S.
North American Archaeology
Sociocultural Studies in Education
Social Welfare Policies & Programs
World Regional Geography: Patterns and Issues
Native American History to 1840
Race in U.S. Society
Strength Through Cultural Diversity
Introduction to International Studies
Tropical Marine Ecology
Global Popular Music
EMPOWER I: Educational and Economic Justice and Service-Learning
Sociology in a Global Context
Race and Ethnic Relations
Total Credit Hours30-34

Study Abroad

The LAS Program highly values study abroad in all Latin American contexts and will extend credit by petition to international study experiences that fulfill program criteria

New courses

New courses, one-time only courses, sections of variable content courses, and other that relate to Latin America may be recognized by petition for credit toward appropriate categories.

Students seeking the Bachelor of Arts in Latin American, Latino/a and Caribbean Studies meet the College of Arts and Science writing requirement by completing LAS 211 and an LAS culmination course: LAS 410 or LAS 477.