Education Studies - Bachelor of Science in Education Studies

The Bachelor of Science in Education Studies will engage students in the study of social, philosophical, ethical and cultural contexts of education by providing them with holistic, multicultural and international frameworks of research and knowledge with which to understand schooling, youth and families.  Students in the Education Studies major will develop the abilities to analyze complex social issues related to education, conduct community research, and become engaged in addressing community challenges and policy-making related to schools, youth, families, health, wellness and justice issues.  Students must select one of five concentrations:  1). Creativity, Innovation & Learning; 2). Disability Studies & Education; 3). Sexuality, Education & Society; 4). Equity & Educational Change; and 5). Critical Youth Studies.

Program Requirements 

Core Courses
EDL 203Introduction to Critical Youth Studies3
EDL 204Sociocultural Studies in Education3
EDL 224Introduction to Education Policy3
EDL 312Foundations of Education in Global Contexts3
EDL 382Community-Based Research & Learning in Education3
Select one of the following:3
Introduction to Community-Based Leadership
Teacher Leadership and School Organization (or)
Leadership Ethics in Community Contexts
Select one of five concentrations (below)
Total Credit Hours36

Concentrations (18 credit hours)

Creativity, Innovation & Learning

Required Courses
CCA 111Innovation, Creativity and Design Thinking3
EDP 201Human Development and Learning in Social and Educational Contexts3
EDT 311Educational Strategies for Non-Majors3
Concentration Electives
Select nine hours of the following:9
Global Design
Introduction to Landscape and Urban Design
Design and Composition
Introduction to Art Therapy
Introduction to Art Education
Introduction to Arts Management
Museums and Collections: Beyond the Curio Cabinet
Museums Today: Content, Practices and Audiences
Creativity and Innovation in STEM Education
Writing for Educators
Ways of Thinking in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) Education
Applied Digital Humanities
Introduction to Game Design
Games and Learning
The Diverse Worlds of Music
And the Beat Goes On. . . The History of Rock and Roll
Introduction to Theatre: Drama and Analysis
Acting for the Non-Major: Text and Performance
Topics in Intercultural Perspectives and Global Theatre and Performance
Topics in Applied Theatre, Practice, and Pedagogy
Total Credit Hours18

Disability Studies & Education

Required Courses
DST 272Introduction to Disability Studies3
DST 375(Dis)Ability Allies: To be or not to be? Developing Identity and Pride from Practice3
EDP 489Disability in Global and Local Contexts3
or DST 494 Disability in Global and Local Contexts
Concentration Electives
Select nine hours of the following:9
Women and (Dis)ability: Fictions and Contaminations of Identity
Media Illusions: Creations of "The Disabled" Identity
Social/Political Activism
Disability History in America
Culturally Responsive Teaching
Total Credit Hours18

Sexuality, Education & Society

Required Courses
FSW 365Family Life Sexuality Education Across Cultures3
FSW/WGS 361Couple Relationships: Diversity and Change3
FSW 451Family Violence3
Concentration Life Span Course Electives
Select six hours of the following:6
Children and Families: Ages Conception - 12
Interpersonal Perspectives on Adulthood and Aging
Adolescent Development in Diverse Families: Ages 13-25
Concentration Elective
Select three hours of the following:3
Introduction to GLBT Studies
Sexuality, Youth, Education
Queer Theory
Total Credit Hours18

Equity & Educational Change

Foundation Electives
Select nine hours of the following:9
Identity, Race, Gender, Class
Introduction to Critical Race and Ethnic Studies
(Dis)Ability Allies: To be or not to be? Developing Identity and Pride from Practice
Race, Cultural Diversity, and Equity in Education
Introduction to Women's Studies
Introduction to GLBT Studies
Community Electives9
Option A - Select nine hours of the following:
Social/Political Activism
Introduction to Community-Based Leadership
Family School and Community Connections
Culturally Responsive Teaching
Introduction to Social Justice Studies
Option B - Select nine hours of the following:
The American City Since 1940
EMPOWER I: Educational and Economic Justice and Service-Learning
EMPOWER II: The Intersections of Race, Class, and Education
Total Credit Hours18

Critical Youth Studies

Select eighteen hours of the following:18
Introduction to Disability Studies
Youth, Media & Pop Culture
Transnational Youth Cultures
Sexuality, Youth, Education
Latin American Popular Culture
Social Justice and Change
Black Feminist Theory
Total Credit Hours18