Inclusive Special Education- Bachelor of Science in Education with Licensure

This major leads to the Bachelor of Science in Education with Ohio residency dual licensure in Intervention Specialist - Mild-Moderate/Moderate-Intensive. Field and/or clinical experience is combined with academic coursework sophomore through senior years. In order to complete the degree requirements in four years, students are encouraged to select the major no later than spring semester of the first year.

Program Requirements

Professional core
EDL 204Sociocultural Studies in Education3
EDL 318ATeacher Leadership and School Organization3
EDP 201Human Development and Learning in Social and Educational Contexts3
EDP 256Psychology of the Exceptional Learner3
EDP 279Technology + Media Literacy and Learning3
EDT 190Introduction to Education3
Reading core
EDP 471Literacy Seminar: Clinical3
or EDP 460 Action Research/Problem-Based Seminar in Exceptional Education/Developmental Differences
EDT 246AFoundations of Language and Literacy3
EDT 346MReading Instruction for Middle Grades3
EDT 436Middle Childhood Language Arts3
EDT 442MPhonics and Reading Improvement for Middle Childhood3
Mild-Moderate/Moderate-Intensive Intervention Specialist (K-12)
EDP 220Field Experience in Special Education1
EDP 3101
EDP 405Advanced Issues: Moderate/Intensive Special Education3
EDP 4101
EDP 458Methods I: Learners with Moderate to Intensive Needs3
EDP 459F3
EDP 459GPracticum in Special Education: Moderate/Intensive3
EDP 468Methods II for Learners with Moderate - Intensive Needs3
EDP 478Effective Social Skills Development, Collaboration and Transition Planning in Special Education3
EDP 486Methods I: Learners with Mild/Moderate Disabilities3
EDP 491Methods II: Learners with Mild to Moderate Disabilities3
EDP 494Assessment, Evaluation, and Educational Planning for Learners with Exceptionalities3
EDP 495Critical Inquiry in Special Education3
EDP 496Behavioral Interventions: Theory, Principles, and Techniques3
MTH 115Mathematics for Teachers of Grades P-64
MTH 116Mathematics for Elementary Teachers4
SPA 127Introduction to Communication Disorders3
SPA 223Theories of Language Development3
SPA 427Alternative Communication Systems for the Severely Handicapped3
Supervised Student Teaching
EDP 419FSupervised Teaching in Programs for Mild/Moderate Intervention Specialist Licensure15
Total Credit Hours101