Sport Management - Bachelor of Science in Sport Leadership and Management

The sport industry is one of the largest and fastest growing industries in the United States. The sport management major provides many diverse career opportunities and has a strong job placement rate, thanks in part to the well-rounded education and practical experience students receive with internship opportunities and a required capstone practicum experience. This program prepares students to succeed in leadership positions in the sport industry (recreational to professional, youth to adult) by providing them with knowledge and skills to critically analyze and innovatively engage in the business and culture of sport. Students will complete courses that focus on topics such as administration, economics, ethics, facilities and event management, marketing, and analytics in sport. Students major in sport management may not major in sport coaching or minor in sport management.  

Program Requirements

SLAM Capstone:3
Practicum in Sport Leadership and Management
Critical Reflection on Practices in Sport Leadership & Management
Sport Leadership Core Courses 18
Ethics in Sport
Contemporary Perspectives on Leadership in Sport Contexts
Introduction to Sport Analytics
Psychological Perspectives in Sport and Exercise
Sport, Power and Inequality
Sport Administration
Statistics Course - Select One of the Following: 3 - 4
Introduction to Business Statistics
Quantitative Reasoning
Introduction to Business Statistics
Sport Management Courses15
Introduction to Sport Management
Sport Communication & Media
Sport Economics
Sport Marketing
Introduction to Business
Business Courses Select Three:9
Accounting for the Non-Business Major
Principles of Microeconomics
Principles of Macroeconomics
Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Business Models
Financial Capital
Information Technology and Data Driven Decision Making in Business
Introduction to Management for Non-business Majors
Introduction to Management & Leadership
Business Concepts in Customer Engagement
Or Select Miami Prime (all three courses are required)
Basics of Business I
Basics of Business II
Business Process Integration
Context of Sport Courses Select Four:12
Sport, Management, and Culture in the Global Marketplace
Global Sport Perspectives
Critical Perspectives on the Body
Current Issues in Leisure and Sport
African Americans in Sport
Psychosocial Aspects of Coaching
Facilities and Event Management in Sport
Legal Issues in Sport Leadership and Management
Applied Sport Analytics
Seminar in Sport Leadership & Management
Children and Youth in Sport
Women, Gender Relations, and Sport
Remaining Credits are Electives
Total Credit Hours60-61