Biomedical Engineering Minor

For information, contact the Department of Chemical, Paper and Biomedical Engineering, 64 Engineering Building, 513-529-0760.

The minor provides an understanding of the basic biomedical engineering principles, concepts and methodologies and how they are applied to the design of biomedical devices and/or systems. 

Program Requirements

(19-20 semester hours)

Students are responsible for meeting the prerequisites of all courses in the minor.
Required Courses
CPB 219Statics and Mechanics of Materials3
or MME 211 Static Modeling of Mechanical Systems
CPB 318Transport Phenomena I4
or CPB 418 Biological Transport Phenomena
CPB 417Biomedical Engineering3
CPB 419Biomaterials3
CHM 332
Outlines of Biochemistry
and Outlines of Biochemistry Lab
or CHM 432 Fundamentals of Biochemistry
or PHY 421 Molecular and Cellular Biophysics
or PHY 422 Physics for Medicine and Biology
or BIO 342 Genetics
Select one from the following3
Fundamentals of Medical Device Design
Biochemical Engineering
Fundamentals of Tissue Engineering
Electric Circuit Analysis I
Biomedical Signal Analysis
Total Credit Hours19-20