Information Systems and Analytics- Bachelor of Science in Business

For information, contact the Department of Information Systems and Analytics, 3095 FSB, 513-529-4826.

The Information Systems and Analytics Major provides managerial and technical skills to create, control, and leverage information and data resources of an organization. The major offers two tracks. 

The Information Systems Track focuses on foundational theory and practice in content areas such as business process management, database, data communications, security, systems analysis & development, and project management. The track also addresses contemporary topics including cloud computing, mobile commerce, enterprise systems, business intelligence, data mining, and big data management. It emphasizes the application of technology and information management skills to solving business problems. 

The Business Analytics Track focuses on the use of data to guide evidence-based decision-making. Analytics combines numerous traditional disciplines including information systems and statistics. This track provides a framework for thinking about the collection and use of "big data" and develops skills for handling structured and unstructured data and for developing models to predict behavior in data-rich environments.

Program Requirements

Required Courses
ISA 245Database Systems and Data Warehousing3
ISA 281Concepts in Business Programming3
Select one or two tracks below.18
Required Courses
Business Data Communications and Security
Designing Business Systems
IT Project Management
Managing the Intelligent Enterprise
Select two of the following. At least one must be an ISA course.
Agile Launchpad I
Object-Oriented Programming
Enterprise Systems
Information Technology, Risk Management, Security and Audit
Applications of Electronic Commerce Technology
Business Intelligence and Data Visualization
Building Web and Mobile Business Applications
Information Security
Managing Big Data
Topics in Information Systems
Introduction to Data Mining in Business
Business Analytics Practicum
Required Courses
Applied Regression Analysis in Business
Business Intelligence and Data Visualization
Managing Big Data
Introduction to Data Mining in Business
Select two of the following. At least one must be an ISA course.
Advanced Empirical Methods
Quantitative Analysis of Business Problems
Statistical Monitoring and Design of Experiments
Business Forecasting
Survey Sampling in Business
Business Analytics Practicum
Statistical Programming
Advanced Data Visualization
Total Credit Hours24