Criminal Justice- Master of Science

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A fully online program, the Master of Science in Criminal Justice at Miami University's regional campuses is intended for students who are working in, or who intend to work in, a criminal justice or related field. The MS is designed to equip students with the analytical skills, substantive knowledge, and applied learning needed to be a successful leader in the field. Students in the MS program complete a set of core classes through which criminal justice theory and law is analyzed and applied. Additionally, the MS student elects to study either administration or crime analysis in greater depth. As a culminating experience, all students must complete a hands-on project that addresses a real problem in the field. Contemporary problems, ethics, law, and the professionalization of criminal justice occupations are emphasized in the MS program.


A cumulative undergraduate grade point average of 2.75 or higher on a 4.0 scale, a statement of interest, and two positive letters of recommendation will be required to apply for admission to the program. In cases in which students do not meet these admission criteria, interviews may be conducted with the JCS graduate committee for entrance consideration. In rare instances, an applicant who does not meet the GPA minimum, but who has substantial work experience in a criminal justice occupation and who can otherwise demonstrate the ability to successfully complete the program may be conditionally admitted and fully admitted after completing the first six hours of coursework with a 3.00 GPA or higher. The GRE will not be required because test scores are not the best predictors of success, especially for non-traditional, working applicants and the department values diversity in its students.

To ensure that applicants have the technical skills needed to be successful, applicants will be required to demonstrate technical competence using an assessment tool created by Miami University’s E-Learning Office.

Program Requirements

(30 semester hours)

Select all of the following:
CJS 611Criminal Justice Theory3
CJS 612Criminal Justice Systems: Practice3
CJS/STA 615Statistics for Criminal Justice3
CJS 631Law, Liberty, and Criminal Justice3
CJS 641Crime and Place3
CJS 685Advanced Research Methods3
One concentration must be completed:
Crime Analytics
Culminating Experience
CJS 691Project (Capstone)3
Total Credit Hours30


POL 567Public Budgeting3
POL 568Public Personnel Administration3
CJS 632Legal Aspects of Justice Administration3

 Crime Analytics

GEO 541Geographic Information Systems3
CJS/GEO 545Geographic Information Systems for Criminal Justice3
STA/ISA 635Introduction to Predictive Analytics3

Capstone Project

A research or intensive service project is required. The student will work closely with a JCS faculty advisor to develop the project, e.g. expectations, learning objectives, timelines, project scope, methodology, necessary Institutional Review Board approvals, and scope/format of the final report. When necessary a volunteer on-site facilitator - most likely a professional or administrator in the location or setting of the student’s field project - will be recruited to assist both the student and faculty advisor. Upon completion of the project, the student will be required to complete an oral defense before a committee of three faculty members, via distance technology or in person.