Applied Social Research Minor

For information contact the Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences, 532 Mosler Hall, 513-785-3207.

The Minor in Applied Social Research teaches skills fundamental for conducting and interpreting impactful and interdisciplinary applied social research.  These skills include identifying social concerns; gathering, organizing, analyzing, and interpreting meaningful data; and using that data to inform practical solutions to social problems. Students learn hands-on quantitative and qualitative methods, critical thinking, and teamwork--all skills that they can carry into the twenty-first century workplace: in government, social agencies, business and marketing, healthcare, environmental sciences, criminal justice, non-profit management, information technology, statistics, consulting, and more. Students will take three core ASO courses: ASO 201 (Introduction to Applied Social Research), ASO 301 (Applied Social Research Methods), and ASO 401 (Applied Social Research Capstone), along with STA 261 (Statistics) and two additional approved social science courses. (Social Science majors--ATH, GEO, POL, PSS/PSY, SOC--may only count one course from their respective major toward the Applied Social Science Minor).

Program Requirements

Required Core Courses:
ASO 201Introduction to Applied Social Research3
STA 261Statistics4
ASO 301Applied Social Research Methods4
ASO 401Applied Social Research Capstone3
Select two of the following (Note: Social Science Majors may only count one course from their respective major toward the minor):6-8
Peoples of the World
Global Forces, Local Diversity
American Politics and Diversity
Sociology in a Global Context
Introduction to Psychology
and Foundational Experiences in Psychology
Introduction to Marketing
Introduction to Psychological Statistics
Research Methods
20-22 credit hours. A number of these courses meet various Miami Plan requirements. Some courses, such as STA 261, are also required in a number of majors and so will overlap, making it more efficient for students to complete the minor. Note: PSY 111 and PSY 112 must be taken together.
Total Credit Hours20-22