Criminology Minor

For information, contact the Department of Sociology and Gerontology, 375 Upham Hall, 513-529-2628.

This minor focuses on the sociology of crime, adult offenders, including an orientation to the social scientific study of crime, a critical examination of institutions in the criminal justice system, and a consideration of recent trends in the study of crime. A crucial element of the minor is the completion of an internship in an agency, program, or institution within the criminal justice system. Students may major in any field and are encouraged to enroll regardless of their major course of study.

Program Requirements

(19-50 semester hours)

Select track one or track two for your program.

Track 1: For the non-sociology major (19-20 semester hours)

Required courses
Complete the following in this order:
SOC 151Social Relations3-4
or SOC 153 Sociology in a Global Context
SOC 352Criminology3
SOC 409Systems of Justice3
SOC 440CField Experience in Sociology 14
SOC 410/SOC 510Topics in Criminology3
or SOC 413 Juvenile Delinquency
Select a minimum of three semester hours of the following:3
Social Problems
Social Deviance
Race and Ethnic Relations
Social Stratification
Sociology of Law
Economy and Society
Family Violence
Total Credit Hours19-20

While students can earn up to 16 credit hours for SOC 440C (field placement), only 4 may count toward the sociology major and/or criminology minor.

Track 2: For the sociology major (50 semester hours)

Complete 36 semester hours of sociology, including required courses for the major and all of the requirements for the criminology minor listed above. A minimum total of 50 semester hours in sociology is required for a combined sociology major and criminology minor.