Geographic Information Science (GIS) Certificate

Geographic Information Science (GISci) is a suite of techniques for collecting, analyzing, and communicating information through geographic information systems (GIS), satellite and aerial imaging (Remote Sensing), global positioning systems (GPS), and related technologies. GISci is applied to problems in fields ranging from environmental science to urban planning to business decision-making. This certificate program builds qualifications for employment and/or further study in GISci.

Program Requirements

(18 semester hours)

GEO 441Geographic Information Systems3
GEO 442Advanced Geographic Information Systems3
GEO 443Python Programming for ArcGIS3
GEO 448Techniques and Applications of Remote Sensing3
Select two of the following:6
Internship 1
GIScience Techniques in Landscape Ecology
Geographic Information Systems for Criminal Justice
GEO 460G
Computer-Aided Drafting
Fundamentals of Programming and Problem Solving
Web Application Programming
Database Design and Development
Database Systems and Data Warehousing
Advanced 3D Visualization and Simulation
Any GEO course focusing on GIS or remote sensing techniques
Total Credit Hours18