Global & Intercultural Studies (GIC)

GIC 101. Global and Intercultural Studies. (3) (MPF)

An interdisciplinary approach to global and intercultural dynamics and issues. Examines historical and contemporary transnational perspectives to understand processes of globalization in an age of global social responsibility. CAS-B, CAS-C.

GIC 301. Approaches to Global and Intercultural Studies: Globalization and Belonging. (3) (MPF)

This course provides an interdisciplinary examination of how “we” and “they” are shaped in the context of heightened globalization. Specifically, how are citizenship, nationhood, ethnicity and race being imagined in an increasingly inter-connected world, and with what implications for democracy, social justice, and human rights. The U.S. provides foundational examples, but comparisons will be drawn from cases in Latin America, Europe, and Southern Africa. CAS-B, CAS-C.