Art and Architecture History Minor

A minor in art and architecture history establishes a foundation for further study in these areas and provides a better understanding of architecture, art and visual culture in historical contexts and the contemporary world. Knowledge in these areas is a valuable complement to any liberal arts, business or science major.  Both art and architecture history courses should be taken in this minor.

To sign up for the minor, please contact Andrew Casper at

For information, contact the Department of Art, 124 Art Building, 513-529-2900, or the Department of Architecture + Interior Design, 101 Alumni Hall, 513-529-7210.

Program Requirements

(18 semester hours)

Select two of the following Miami Plan courses:6
Global Design
History of Architecture I
History of Architecture II
Arts of Africa, Oceania and Native America
History of Western Art: Prehistoric-Gothic
History of Western Art: Renaissance - Modern
Select four of the following upper division courses:12
History of Architecture I
History of Architecture II
History of Interiors
History of Urbanization
Architecture and Society
The American City Since 1940
Contemporary Architectural Theory and Practice
Recent Architecture Theory
Introduction to the Art of the Black Diaspora
Modern America
Arts of West Africa
History of Asian Art, China, Korea, and Japan
The Arts of African Peoples
Chinese Painting History
Japanese Paintings and Prints
The Renaissance in Italy
High Renaissance and Mannerism
Baroque Art in Europe
The Arts of Colonial Latin America
Modernism, Modernity, and the Visual Arts
Postmodern Art and Theory
Greek and Roman Architecture
Greek and Roman Sculpture
Greek and Roman Painting
Art of the Weimar Republic
The History of Photography
Design History and Cultural Contexts
Art of the Late 19th Century
Art of the Early 20th Century
Art of the Late 20th Century
Seminar in Art History
Introduction to Egyptian Art and Archaeology
Discoveries of Archaeology
Classical Mythology and the Arts
Total Credit Hours18