Integrated English Language Arts- Bachelor of Science in Education

The Integrated English Language Arts major leads to a Bachelor of Science in Education degree. Approved by the Ohio Department of Education, this program prepares graduates to teach students in grades 7-12 in the areas of English (writing, language, reading/literature). In addition to meeting requirements of the Global Miami Plan, students take courses in English and Education. During their study, students observe and participate in urban and suburban/rural classrooms, culminating in a 15-week, full-time student teaching experience in which they work closely with mentor teachers in high schools or middle schools, eventually assuming instructional responsibilities for all classes.

Required Courses
EDL 204Sociocultural Studies in Education3
EDP 201Human Development and Learning in Social and Educational Contexts3
EDP 256Psychology of the Exceptional Learner3
EDT 190Introduction to Education3
EDT 246AFoundations of Language and Literacy3
EDT 423/EDT 523Literature and Other Media for Adolescents3
ENG 301History of the English Language3
ENG 302Structure of Modern English3
ENG 304Backgrounds to Composition Theory and Research3
Select the following two courses concurrent in fall semester, sophomore year.
EDP 301AAssessment and Evaluation in Educational Settings3
EDT 323Teaching English Language Learners in PK-12: Instructional Theories & Practices3
Select all of the following concurrently, fall semester of cohort year:
EDT 421A/EDT 521AClassroom Management2
EDT 427/EDT 527Adolescent Language Arts I3
EDT 346AReading Instruction for Adolescents3
Spring semester of cohort year only:
EDT 428/EDT 528Adolescent Language Arts II3
Supervised Teacher Semester:15
EDT 419A/EDT 519ATeaching Internship- Adolescent1-16
Select two of the following:6
Digital Writing and Rhetoric: Composing with Words, Images and Sounds
Advanced Composition
Introduction to Creative Writing: Short Fiction and Poetry
Writing for Educators
Select one of the following:3
English Literature to 1660
English Literature 1660-1900
English Literature 1901 to Present
Sixteenth-Century English Literature
Seventeenth-Century English Literature
English Literature of the 18th Century
British Romanticism, 1789-1837
Victorian Literature, 1837-1901
Select one of the following:3
American Literature to 1900
American Literature 1900 to the Present
Contemporary American Fiction
Early American Literature
Antebellum American Literature
American Realism and Naturalism
American Modernism
Contemporary American Literature
Select one of the following:3
Introduction to Shakespeare
Shakespeare and Film
Shakespeare’s Principal Plays: Early Works
Shakespeare’s Principal Plays: Late Works
Select one of the following:3
Traditional Chinese Literature in English Translation
Modern Chinese Literature in English Translation
Introduction to Classical Mythology
Introduction to European Literature
Russian Literature from Pushkin to Dostoevsky in English Translation
Russian Literature in English Translation: From Tolstoy to Nabokov
Russian Literature in English Translation: From Pasternak to the Present
Topics in French Literature in Translation
Russian Literature in English Translation: From Pasternak to the Present
Select one of the following:3
Women Writers
GLBTQ Literature
Asian American Literature
Latino/a Literature and the Americas
Early British Women Writers
African American Writing, 1746-1877
African American Writing, 1878-1945
African American Writing, 1946-Present
Ethnic American Literatures
Select one of the following:3
Introduction to Poetry
Introduction to Fiction
Introduction to Drama
The Short Story
Studies in Drama and Performance
Studies in Poetry
Studies in Prose
Studies in Genre
Introduction to Theatre: Drama and Analysis
Total Credit Hours84-99